Welcome to my page with my 5 string long neck banjo. I like folk, old time, bluegrass, country and blues music. I like frailing, clawhammer and 3-finger picking.
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Folk music grabbed my attention when in high school in the early sixties, and I wanted to play like Dave Guard and then John Stewart of the Kingston Trio.
I admired the long-neck "Pete Seeger" Vega they played because I had my dad's tenor banjo (1930) that was also a Vega. Didn't know the difference between a
5-string and tener banjo. In 1964, while attending the Chicago Academy of Fine Arts in Chicago, I did some calling around and found a music shop in the Loop that
could make a 5-string long neck to fit the tenor pot, and had it made. I think my dad turned over in his grave. Bought Pete Seeger's banjo book and took
a few lessons in Chicago's Old Town. I play for my own enjoyment and fun. In 2008 purchased a Vega 1929 Tubaphone pot from the internet and then
re-united dad's original tenor neck with original pot with resonator. I mainly play frailing, and just beginning double-thumbing and drop
thumbing that I guess is referred to as clawhammer. May take me a while to learn thoes techniques.
-Phil Hudson, Fort Wayne, Indiana